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Set your DJ up for success!

Posted by David Jasniewski on July 31, 2013 at 8:15 AM Comments comments (0)


Set your DJ up for Success!


Often, folks might not give too much thought about how or where the DJ will set up at their event, and they might not think that it even makes a real difference. If you're having an event at a venue that hosts events with DJ's regularly , then the temptation is great to simply go with the suggestion of the venue when it comes to DJ placement and setup. After all, they "do this all the time," right?


There are some easy-to-follow tips that you can use to help ensure that your DJ is able to provide you with the best performance possible, and that you and your guests have the best experience possible at your event:


DO consult with your DJ prior to your event to get their input on their placement

and setup area. Just as your photographer is best-suited to judge the distance,

angle & lighting for your pictures, your DJ is the best person to assess their position

and setup in any given space depending on the layout, and the equipment needs

of your celebration.


DO find out how much room your DJ will need, especially if providing extras like

dance lighting, etc.


DO avoid the temptation to just ask your venue staff or coordinator "where the DJ

usually goes" and take that recommendation without second thought. In a good number of cases, even in some of the nicer venues, the staff will suggest a layout

that they are simply "used to" or that is actually the most convenient for them and

their staff, and this is almost never ideal for your DJ, your guest's overall

experience, or your event as a whole.


DO be sure your venue is open to variations in layout and to work with you and

your DJ. This is your event, and your celebration is unique to you. I go the extra

mile to customize our performance and offerings to give you a custom-experience,

and your venue should be able to do the same as long as it doesn't make it difficult

for them to do their job effectively.


ALWAYS place your DJ as close as possible to the dance floor/area, preferably

right on one side of it. You want your DJ as close as possible to the dance floor so

when it comes time to "turn it up" for the dancing the volume isn't any higher than



NEVER place tables between your DJ and the dance floor/area. Doing this can

cause your DJ to have to turn up louder than necessary for dancing and music,

and this can be uncomfortable for anyone sitting at these tables, and who might

not be dancing - even during dinner time and regular announcements.


ALWAYS make sure your DJ can see everything in the room from their station/table,

and that they have room to freely enter and exit their area from one or both sides

without obstruction. Your DJ should be as unobtrusive as possible in the overall

landscape, but he/she should have a complete view of all entrances and exists,

tables, etc. Remember, your DJ is going to be helping to facilitate things like meal

service, pouring for toasts, and your Grand Entrance as well as playing music. To

do these things, and to be able to locate and call certain important people

forward for special events throughout the night, they must have a clear view of

the entire room at all times.


NEVER place your DJ in an area other than where the dancing and the majority of

events and announcements will occur throughout the course of your event. This

includes places like around corners, outside main doors, outside on a patio, in

another room, behind partitions & columns, etc. If your venue or event layout seems to necessitate these kinds of setup scenarios, be sure to start an open dialog

with your venue, your DJ, and yourself to see if any alternatives or compromises are possible that would lead to a more optimal setup scenario and a better experience

for you and your guests. If no alternatives are available, be sure to talk to your DJ

and understand the possible impact of these types of setup scenarios on your

event, and discuss ways you might work together to work around them.

Also be aware that additional sound equipment, speakers, and reinforcement

may be needed to account for certain setup scenarios, and these may

incur additional charges.

With just a little bit of communication and a proactive approach to planning, you can work with your DJ, and your venue staff to help ensure that your DJ is able to provide the best possible entertainment for every part of your event.

Wedding Seating Planner

Posted by David Jasniewski on July 27, 2013 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Wedding Seating Planning

Posted on July 27, 2013



As if planning a wedding wasn’t tricky enough, one of the hardest parts of the planning is the seating arrangements. You want those closest to you to be near your head table and then fill in with friends, co-workers, & acquaintances. Makes sense right?


Think about this for a moment. You love your grandparents and your parents. And they love you. They are ecstatic to be a part of your celebration. Do them a solid and put them as far away from the dancefloor as possible. Why?


The dancefloor is a lively place to be. Full of music, and in some cases bright lights. If you remember from your childhood your parents or grandparents yelling up to you, “TURN THAT DOWN”, then being next to the DJ or his speakers is probably not the best place for grandparents. If you put them towards the rear of the room, they’ll be able to mingle with guests and chat with each other a lot easier if they are further away from the music.


“Can’t I just tell the DJ to turn it down?”


Sure you can. And they should oblige that request. But by the same token, a speaker is just that, a speaker. And it has to be loud enough to reach the far ends of the room. Not uncomfortable but, audible.


So when you’re starting to plan your seating arrangement, remember this little tip and keep guests young and old happy.


Wedding Tips

Posted by David Jasniewski on November 12, 2012 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (0)

4 tips for a successful Wedding Celebration

Here are some tips that will help your special day more enjoyable and more memorable. Feel free to print this out.......


Tip #1 – Eat your dinner



All too often, the bride and groom will spend most of dinner going from table to table greeting their guests and thanking them for attending their special day. Although you want your guests to know your appreciation for being a part of your wedding, they understand that this is your big day and they want you to enjoy. That being said, make sure you take time for yourself and get some nourishment. At $50-$100 a plate, you want to make sure that you get what you are paying for and be able to enjoy your reception by energizing yourself with food and drink.


Tip #2 – Have your cake and eat it too


The cutting of the wedding cake is not only ceremonious but for your enjoyment as well. The sugar boost you get right before you hit the dancefloor for the evening will leave you feeling perky and ready to party!



Tip #3 – Take off those shoes


After standing in heels for an hour at your ceremony, being posed for hundreds of pictures by your photographer, and with friends, your feet take a beating. Bring flip flops or flats for the reception. This way you will be able to relax and dance the night away comfortably. And speaking of dancing…


Tip #4 Dance like noone’s watching


This is the most important tip of all. This is your special day. It should be a fun and memorable experience. After all is said and done, most guests will not remember the cheese tray or the bows on the backs of the chairs but they will remember if they danced. And you will too! Throw caution to the wind and dance. Do your best Michael Jackson impression or play the air guitar for that band you always wanted to see growing up.


All in all, if you follow these 4 steps, you too can have a successful wedding celebration!